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EVM Consultants is known for its Efficient Visa Management and its loyalty, transparency, and efficiency in providing guidance
for overseas education. EVM is located in the region of Punjab, India at Mohali & led by a team of professionals who deliver the
appropriate information and guidance in selecting courses as well as institution as per the profile and preference of client students.
We give preference to student's further education and stay in their preferred country as per their eligibility criteria
instead of misleading student/Universities for own selfish meet.

Our Vision

To emerge in an International Education Industry on highest peak with our dedication towards our services.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide best possible solution for those aspirants who believes to reach abroad is next to impossible.

Value Proposition

We value our student’s time, money; efforts and their hope of studying overseas in a very efficient & professional manner by maintain quality of our services.

Study Abroad


We provide specialized support to our client’s students who wish to study abroad with the help of our professional &
experienced team which helps them from fist step of course/education provider choice to last step of
pre-departure briefing or accommodation arrangements.


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